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Territorial Dispatch


ABOUT US Territorial Dispatch

The Territorial Dispatch is now owned by Paul V. Scholl, owner of the Messenger
Publishing Group, based in Carmichael, California.

The Territorial Dispatch was founded by Charlie McNiff in 1984 in Meadow Vista,
California. During the time Mr. McNiff owned the paper it moved to Auburn and
then to Marysville, California; as a weekly, then twice a month and then a
monthly publication. After eighteen years Mr. McNiff sold the paper to John
Mistler in May of 2001. Mr. Mistler immediately took the paper from monthly to
twice a month. Then on December 15, 2010 the Territorial Dispatch became a
weekly newspaper and three years later became a legally adjudicated newspaper,
only the second paper in the history of Yuba County to become adjudicated.
The Territorial Dispatch has been at the same location, 412 4th Street, Marysville,
California since 1990.

As a “good news” newspaper, the TD provides local, uplifting, community
oriented articles, while realizing our First Amendment responsibility to be a
watchdog on our government. The TD prides itself in telling "The Rest of the
Ownership of all advertising, copy created by or composed for The Territorial
Dispatch is with the publishing company, and written permission to reproduce the
same must be obtained from the publisher. Liability for any products, goods or
services advertised is the sole responsibility of the advertisers. Articles and ads
appearing in The Territorial Dispatch are the opinions of the writers and do not
necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of The Territorial Dispatch.
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