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Territorial Dispatch

Sutter Shotgun Team Wins Big

Nov 15, 2023 04:32PM ● By Dave Samson, photos by Dave Samson

Sutter High School’s Junior Varsity Team SWEPT the series shoots with 1st Place in each one of them and then took 1st Place State Champions in the State Championship Sunday in Zamora. The JV Team consisted of: Garrett Bartels, Ryan Alexander, Caesar Moulton, Tyler Fletcher, Cooper Maggard, Mathew Siller, Placido Acosta, and Sydney Munger.

Individual Awards JV

Sutter High School’s Junior Varsity Caesar Moulton tied for 1st Place individual shooting the highest JV score in the State Championship of an 86. After a tie breaker shoot off, he took 2nd Place. Sutter’s Mathew Siller took 3rd Place and Sutter’s Ryan Alexander took 5th Place JV.

Squad Awards JV

Junior Varsity also had 2 of their squads take 1st and 2nd Place as squads. A Squad is made up of 3 kids and we had 2 of our JV Squads take 1st and 2nd Place in the State Championship. The 1st Place Squad consisted of Caesar Moulton, Cooper Maggard and Mathew Siller. And the 2nd Place Squad was: Garrett Bartels, Ryan Alexander and Tyler Fletcher.

state championship shotgun

The Sutter Varsity team took 2nd Place in the Series shoots leading up to the state championship and 3rd Place in the State Championship. The Varsity team is: Logan Munger, Hunter Williams, Tyler Siller, James Cooley, Kaden Coleman, Taylor Bogle, Luke Campbell, Henry Estrada, James Campbell and Macie Mobley.

Squad Awards Varsity

Varsity also had a squad of 3 kids win a 3rd Place Squad Award. That Squad consisted of Logan Munger, Hunter Williams, and Tyler Siller.

The Sutter Junior Team consisted of Brock Moody, Trevor Munger and Manny Moulton and they were also a squad taking 3rd Place in the IA Division. And Manny Moulton won 2nd Place individual in the IE Division.